Saturday, March 31, 2012

We like to Party(:

haha..this is what we do on Friday nights..
yes...we are a party(:
(watch Kathleen)

It's Over.. saddest day I have had in a long time..
Closing night of our Dance Company concert..
I have loved Dance Co. so much this year, it has been a blast!
But now its officially over..and lets just say im quite..sad.

Heres some pictures from closing night(:

..crying before the concert even started(:

Pretty team in the world(:

I'm super sad its over..but on the bright im off to drill tryouts(:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Something super cool...

We just found this picture of Justin Bieber..
and it looks...
exactly like my little brother James!! 
Now he just needs to learn how to sing, duggie, and get some swagger..
and he will be the new Justin Bieber..
ya pretty much coolest thing ever!!

Story of My Life..

Well, obviously i didn't keep up on updating as much as i said i would, 
so here is my life from the past month or so:)
(sorry about the overload of pictures) 
dancing with my little sis for World Senior Games:)
My aunt and uncle gave us these for Christmas...we are cool:)
our pretty ghetto Christmas tree!
Junior Drill Clinic:) i love my sisters!
Clayners fell asleep on me and Tay's lap during sacrament:)
My dad is getting old!!
Going to Salt Lake for Eshelles state:)
..felt like taking pictures one this is what i them:)

Me and Jorrin really like Tai Pan...
 She wasnt feeling too well:)
 ..for some reason..jorrin really liked this picture...
 Indeed...she is not a ginger:)

 ..this one if for Dance Company:)
 we reaaaallly liked these chairs:)
 At the was a party:)
Tay made all-state drill!..i love her:)
me and Tay had this thing to see who could keep their side of the room cleanest the longest...
and obviously...
i lost. 
going to a parade for premier:)
Yep so pretty much that was the story of my life from the past month or so:)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just for fun:)

So after our Thanksgiving dinner,
Me and a couple of my cousins were bored,
So we decided to take my grandma and grandpas camera...
And take some pictures!
Here they are:)

So..lets just say i absolutely love my family to death and I am very grateful for them!(: 
Love you guys!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011